Plenary Lectures

  • Nicola Allen (La Jolla, USA) | Astrocyte regulation of neuronal synapses

  • Jonah Chan (San Francisco, USA) | Oligodendrocytes and myelin: sculpting circuits in development and in adulthood

  • Jonas Frisén (Stockholm, Sweden) | Exploiting the latent neural stem cell properties of glia for CNS repair

  • Sonia Garel (Paris, France) | Neuroimmune interactions in early brain wiring

  • Magdalena Götz (Munich, Germany) | Astrocyte heterogeneity: from stem cells to repair

  • Alison Lloyd (London, UK) | Peripheral nerve homeostasis, damage and repair

  • David Lyons (Edinburgh, UK) | Myelinated axon formation, function, and plasticity
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