Introductory Course on Glial Cell Biology

Thursday, July 1, 2021 to Friday, July 2, 2021

The Introductory Course on Glial Cell Biology 2021 is aiming at young researchers and researchers who are new in the field. The lectures will give a broad overview on the key aspects of glial cell biology.

Supplementary registration is required (Students 40.00 EUR, Scientist 80.00 EUR).

Due to the new virtual congress format, the date and times have changed (originally July 6). The speakers will present their topics live or as pre-recorded presentations at the time of the event. Sufficient time for discussions is planned.

Program times on July 1 and 2, 2021

05h00 to 09h00 San Francisco
08h00 to 12h00 New York
14h00 to 18h00 Berlin
20h00 to 24h00 Hongkong

Program content

July 1,  2021

14h00: Welcome

14h15-15h00: Development of glial cells
Carlos Parras (ICM, Paris).

15h00-15h45: Astrocytes in health and diseases
Aude Panatier (Bordeaux Neurocampus)

15h45-16h00: Coffee break

16h00-16h45: Neuron-oligodendroglia interactions
Maria Cecilia Angulo (IPNP, Paris)

16h45-17h30: Myelin plasticity and regeneration
Myriam Cayre (IBDM, Marseille)

July 2,  2021

14h00-14h45: Microglia origin and function
Alain Bessis (ENS, Paris)

14h45-15h30: PNS glial cells
Piotr Topilko (Institut Mondor, Creteil)

15h30-15h45: Coffee break 

15h45-16h30: Forgotten glial cells
Ariane Sharif (Université de Lille, Lille) 

16h30-17h15: The role of glial cells in behavioral control
Ethan G.Hughes: (University of Colorado, Aurora)

17h15- 18h00: Insights into glioma development and cancer stem cells
Emmanuelle Huillard: (ICM, Paris)

18h00-20h00: Open chat session with speakers

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