Program at a glance

Status: June 1, 2021

The program structure was adapted for the online format considering the time zones and time for online networking.

All presentations and recordings of the live discussion phase will be available on demand until August 31, 2021 for registered participants.

Program structure

Plenary lectures

Plenary lectures will be held live in the week of July 5 to 9, 2021. The speaker will decide if the presentation will be live or pre-recorded. In any case, the speaker is there for a live discussion at the end of the time slot.

Nicola Allen (La Jolla, USA) | Astrocyte regulation of neuronal synapses

Jonah Chan (San Francisco, USA) | Oligodendrodytes and myelin: scupting circuits in development and in adulthood

Jonas Frisén (Stockholm, Sweden) | Scar formation in the injured spinal cord – mechanisms and opportunities

Sonia Garel (Paris, France) | Neuroimmune interactions in early brain wiring
with kindly support of International Society for Developmental Neuroscience (ISDN)

Magdalena Götz (Munich, Germany) | Astrocyte heterogeneity: from stem cells to repair

Alison Lloyd (London United Kingdom) | Peripheral nerve homeostasis, damage and repair

David Lyons (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) | Myelinated axon formation, function, and plasticity


Symposia presentations will be available in phase 1, i. e. from June 28, 2021 to watch them individually. During the live phase the symposia will be discussed with all speakers.

S01 Microglia shape white matter health | Organizers: Veronique Miron (Edinburgh, UK), Josef Priller (Berlin, DE)

S02 Transcriptional control of reactive astrocyte responses across neurological diseases | Organizers: Florian Siezehnrubl (Cardiff, UK), Jiaqian Wu (Houston, TX, USA)

S03 Microglial immunometabolism: relevance in normal and disease states | Organizers: Agnes Nadjar (Bordeaux, FR), Chun-Xia Yi (Amsterdam, NL)

S04 Glial regulation and remodeling of the extracellular matrix across the lifespan | Organizers: Anna Victoria Molofsky (San Francisco, US), Valentin Nagerl (Bordeaux, FR)

S05 Mechanisms and effects of endocannabinoid signaling in glial cells | Organizers: Alfonso Araque (Minneapolis, US), Susana Mato (Leioa, ES)

S06 Myelin dynamics in neurological function and dysfunction | Organizers: Erin Gibson (Palo Alto, US), Jia Liu (New York, US)

S07 Molecular mechanisms controlling neural stem cell dynamics during aging | Organizers: Juanma Encinas (Leioa, ES)

S08 Blood brain barrier, neuronal activity and glia | Organizers: Stefan Liebner (Frankfurt/Main, DE), Friederike Pfeiffer (Storrs, US)

S09 Glial cells in the limelight of metabolic signaling: experiments in mouse and fly | Organizers: L. Felipe Barros (Valdivia, CL), Jimena Sierralta (Santiago, CL)

S10 Where do Glia Come From? Evolution and Diversification of CNS Glia | Organizers: Carmen Falcone (Sacramento, US), Jacob H. Hines (Winona, US)

S11 Neuron to Microglia communication: neuromodulators and purines get on the front scene | Organizers: Anne Roumier (Paris, FR)

S12 Metabolic aspects in myelinating glia: implications for health and disease | Organizers: Domna Karagogeos (Heraklion, GR)

S13 Advances in cellular reprogramming: where biology meets physics | Organizers: Mark Kotter (Cambridge, UK)
with kindly support of

S14 Perisynaptic astroglial processes: activity-dependent regulation and function | Organizers: Nathalie Rouach (Paris, FR), Mark Verheijen (Amsterdam, NL)

S15 Glial modulation of circuit assembly and behavior: insights from different model organisms | Organizers: Margaret Ho (Shanghai, CN), Shai Shaham (New York, US)

S16 Microglia; from development to ageing | Organizers: Deborah Kronenberg-Versteeg (Tuebingen, DE), Balazs V. Varga (Cambridge, UK)

S17 Mechanics of glial cells in development and disease | Organizers: Marie Bechler (Syracuse, US), Marcelo Salierno (London, UK)

S18 Targeting glial cell activation for treatment of neurodegenerative disease | Organizers: Elizabeth Evans (Rochester, US), Shawn Whitehead (London, CA)

S19 Studying glia with single cell resolution (Special Trainee Symposium) | Organizers: Philip Hasel (New York, US), Jessica Sadick (New York, US)

S20 Metabolic control of glial identity phenotype and function | Organizers: Luca Peruzzotti-Jametti (Cambridge, UK), Francisco Javier Quintana (Boston, MA, US)

S21 Sex differences in glia | Organizers: Maxwell Heiman (Boston, US), Margret McCarthy (Baltimore, US)

S22 Understanding the role of glia in neurodevelopmental disorders using pluripotent stem cell-derived human glia | Organizers: Henrik Ahlenius (Lund, SE), Peng Jiang (Piscataway, US)
with kindly support of International Society for Developmental Neuroscience (ISDN)

S23 Mitochondrial regulation of astrocyte function in physiological and pathological conditions | Organizers: Matteo Bergami (Cologne, DE), Paola Bezzi (Lausanne, CH)

S24 Glia-axonal communication in nervous system injury and disease | Organizers: Peter Arthur-Farraj (Cambridge, UK), Ruth Stassart (Leipzig, DE)

S25 Satellite glial cells – unique glia of the peripheral nervous system | Organizers: Menachem Hanani (Jersusalem, IL), Sara Jager (London, UK)

S26 Innate immunity and microglia | Organizers: Guy Brown (Cambridge, UK), Harald Neumann (Bonn, DE)

S27 Emerging pathways and therapies to enhance Repair Schwann cells functions | Organizers: Yannick Poitelon (Albany, US)

S28 Modulating reactive astrogliosis: a therapeutic strategy | Organizers: Lynette Foo (Basel, CH)
supported by F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

S29 Extracellular vesicles shape glia-neuron interplay in health and disease of the nervous system | Organizers: Davide Trotti (Philadelphia, US), Yongjie Yang (Boston, US)

S30 Exploring the regenerative properties of MĂĽller glia for retinal repair | Organizers: Carol Schuurmans (Toronto, CA)


Workshop presentations will be available in phase 1, i. e. from June 28, 2021 to watch them individually. During the live phase the workshop discussion will be on Monday, July 5, 2021.

W01 Imaging white matter function and structure | Organizer: Wiebke Möbius (Göttingen, DE)

W02 Physiological functions of adult microglia: implications for plasticity, learning and memory | Organizers: Giulia Albertini (Paris, FR), Anthony D. Umpierre (Rochester, US)

W03 Thyroid hormone action in glial biology | Organizers: Nilhan Gunhanlar (Rotterdam, NL), Pieter Vancamp (Paris, FR)

Introductory Course

The introductory course will take place on July 1 and 2, 2021 as a virtual live event.

Please find all information in the submenu.

Networking/ poster

Each day in the live phase from July 5 to 9, 2021 there will be one and a half hour to connect with colleagues, friends and scientist.

There will be a connecting tool with which people may gather and have video chats – between two delegates or in groups.

Poster authors will be available in rooms to get in contact with them. The posters themselves will be available on the virtual conference platform earlier.

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